• It’s been a long time… Friday, 18. October 2019

    …and in the twinkling of an eye, a couple of years moved in.

    But what was going on?

    In the past our focus on was clearly on the competition, which unfortunately hadn’t taken place in the way we pretended to. That doesn’t mean that we weren’t active – there were only other interests and on the meanwhile advanced age average in the team of course many private topics and changes.

    All the more we are happy to once again compete in an America’s Army league and to be able to compete at eye level with other teams. On November 10th the AA League starts, where we will meet some old acquaintances but also some teams which are new to us.

    Our newest arrival MeisterDesLongdrinks, which we could win from the CS:GO field for us, and the old acquaintances will compete. Soon we will start our training again – so feel free to ask us about scrims.

    We hope for some exciting matches and wish all participants good luck!


  • Schwarze Legion AAPG competition ‘Autumn 2018’ Saturday, 13. October 2018
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  • 2017 08 OverkillVR Where are we heading? Tuesday, 29. August 2017

    Wer wie ich dem Gaming seit er denken kann verfallen ist, ist mit Sicherheit auch schon einmal zu dem Punkt gekommen, dass der kick beim Spielen fehlt. Ob dies in meinem fall am Sommerloch oder doch an den rund 12.000 Stunden, welche ich in verschiedenen Shootern getrackt gespielt hatte liegt sei einmal dahingestellt.

    Da stellt sich nun natürlich die Frage:
    Was lässt das Gamerherz noch höherschlagen?
    Wie treibt man im Jahr 2017 den Adrenalinpegel zum Anschlag?

  • Server Wednesday, 21. June 2017

    Team betreibt seine eigenen Gameserver in einem deutschen Rechenzentrum. Dies ermöglicht eine unglaublich niedrige Latenz und Pings.

    Dedicated Server – Gaming

    Betriebssystem: Windows Server 2016 + Plesk Onyx
    CPU: Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v6, 4 cores x 3.8 GHz, 4.2 GHz Turbo Boost
    RAM: 64 GB, DDR4 ECC
    Platten: 1.000 GB (2 x 1.000 GB Intel® P4510 NVMe SSD) Hardware RAID 1

    Cloud Server – www, Teamspeak

    Betriebssystem: Debian 8 + Plesk Onyx
    CPU: 2 vCores , Intel® Xeon® Prozessoren
    RAM: 4 GB
    Platten: 120 GB SSD

  • We are still there Saturday, 17. June 2017

    The first TWL season is behind us – and well it did not worked so good for us. But now the first matches of the second TWL season at the EU Open League are over – with a pleasing result: Until now, no team has managed to beat our main team in the last 7 Matches.

    Link: Team Warfare League

  • About Friday, 16. June 2017
    Team ist eine eSport-Organisation, die vor allem Amerika‘s Army : Proving Grounds spielt und ist einer der bekanntesten Teams in Europa.

    Wir leben eSport jeden Tag, und treten in den renommiertesten Turnieren Europas an. In den vergangenen Jahren gelang es Team, die ersten Plätze in über 20 großen Meisterschaften und Turnieren zu erreichen.

    Gegründet 2014, in der Anfangszeit von AA:PG durch nAis^ and LeXy^. Seit dieser Zeit haben wir es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, die AA PG Community so gut wie möglich zu unterstützen und die Wettkampfszene am Leben zu erhalten.
  • America’s Army: Proving Grounds Coming to PS4 Thursday, 4. May 2017

    We are pleased to announce that we are bringing AA:PG to the console world once again!

    Our PS4 version will be in open beta soon, and with a full launch planned this summer. We have made a number of changes to make this the best playing America’s Army game on console yet.

    Maps will all support 8v8 combat and all weapons traits, UI, and gameplay has been adapted specifically for the PS4.

    Play during our open beta period to get a first look at Sandstorm before it comes to PC!

    Source: America’s

  • AA:PG Game Update Notes Thursday, 26. January 2017

    The last time there had been not much to report about our game. At least America’s Army spread out the following game update notes:

    – Fixed tree penetration issue on Raptus
    – Fixed fire hydrant penetration on Raptus
    – Fixed unintentional pixel walk on ledge on Downtown
    – Fixed boundary volumes on Homestead to prevent map escapes
    – Fixed out of bounds issue on Rocky Road

    – Fixes for when a pawn has height changes (stairs/hills/etc)
    – Fixes to clean up takedown animations
    – Fixes for clients with variable ping rates
    – Fix for prone/standing desync

    – Updated loading screen movies

    We look forward to see whats happening next – and of cause what will bring the widely announced update…


    Source: America’s Army

  • New AAPG-Versus Ladder Monday, 18. January 2016

    More and more teams joining the new AAPGVersus Ladder, which is operated since the end of last season by GSForces. For all the teams that have not yet registered on the new website, once again the link:

    Of course we hope that we will see all the teams, that have played in the last tournament in the current Ladder and wish all exciting matches for the year 2016!


  • MERRY X-MAS Wednesday, 23. December 2015
    2015 has been a spectacular year for the Team Our Team has mentally and in terms of new Team members grown, challanged in thrilling new leagues and more…
    We would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! We hope everybody takes the time to relax, kick your feet up and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.
    For those of you who are travelling afar, we hope you do so safely and come back in one piece.

  • AAPG-Versus Grand Finales – Tuesday, 8:30 pm CET Tuesday, 15. December 2015

    Only a few hours remain until the grand finals of the AAPG-Versus Gold Division will be held. Here our guys have to compete against SSK and prove themselves. Both teams are in the recent history of AAPG-Versus undefeated, what is indicating a exciting top match.

    Played will be best of 5 maps. We will start on Spring Street (SSK) then continue on Siege (n1) with the first possible (3-0 / 0-3) match decider on Shadowstep (SSK), if neither team won 3-0 we will follow up with Breach (n1) and if the winner has not been decided at this point it will finished on the last map which is selected from the map pool of the remaining Maps Watchdog, Inner Hospital, Intercept und Red Line.

    Whether our Team will succeed to win the prize pool of € 150 you can followed live. The Match start is at 20:30 CET and the complete match is streamed and commented by Son on Twitch.


  • No time to rest Monday, 30. November 2015

    The grand final of AAPG versus, which our team has reached is not be played, once again the first matches of the German eSports League (DeSBL) starts.

    The team nais0ne participates this year with a total of 5 season teams (2 teams in the 2vs2 and 3vs3, and one team in the 5vs5 League). And of course, we make every effort to tie in with the success of last season.

    On this evening one of our 2vs2 teams (represented by Pa!n and LeXy ^) has to compete against Mortiferus. If we succeed this match, the balance of last 20 matches is an impressive 20: 2!



  • nais0ne reached the finals Sunday, 22. November 2015

    We´re proud to announce that Team nais0ne reached the finals of the AAPG Versus Gold Division.

    After a really hard and intensive match against Virtual Insanity we have the chance to fight for 150 € in the finals.

    The match ended 2:1 by maps and we played Siege as first. Despite we lost the Siege very hard with 9 : 3 in rounds we could manage to comeback on Breach 9 : 5. The last map RedLine was deciding the match. The team was able to win it 9 : 6.


    Well done guys!

    The Video by Son can be watched here.


  • AAPG-Versus Semi-Finals Sunday, 22.10.2015 Friday, 20. November 2015

    This Sunday 7:30 pm our Team will play in the AAPG-Versus Semi-Finals of the Gold-Division against Virtual-Insanity. Also this Match is live streamed and moderated by Son.

    Our team will be represented by: Dreek, Pa!n, CeparSo, Tchami and SimonSaiz.

    As usual also this Match will be live streamed and commented by Son.

    Here the link to the stream.

  • America’s Army Update (including 3D-Sound!) Thursday, 19. November 2015

    America’s Army just released their first Game-Update after the official (full-) Release. In addition to a new Map this update finally supporting 3D-Sound! Below the official Update-News:

    The latest update to America’s Army: Proving Grounds includes our first new map since the game released, Checkout.  We also improved the audio by adding a 3D effect that takes into account the Z-axis when playing sounds.  The ROE system has been improved to help limit griefers and we have fixed a few bugs with stats not getting reported, weapon challenge issues and other things.  Check out the details below for more info.


  • 2. DeSBL Pokal Finale Friday, 9. October 2015

    The date for the AA:PG finals of DeSBL getting closer. Next Sunday, the teams nais0ne and Mortiferus will play against each other for the first place of the second DeSBL Cup.

    The match will be casted 8 o ‘clock of Philippovich. About an active participation and support, we would be of course pleased!


  • Casts Monday, 5. October 2015

    2015-11-22 – AAPGVersus Semi-Final’s – Team nai0ne versus Virtual Insanity


    2015-11-08 – AAPGVersus-Match – Team nai0ne versus Radical Rats


    2015-10-29 – AAPGVersus-Match – Team nai0ne versus Typical Randoms


    2015-10-20 – AAPGVersus-Match – Team nai0ne versus ExAquoitalia #2


    2015-09-29 – AAPGVersus-Match – Team nai0ne versus ExAquoitalia #1



    2013-11 – TWL-Match – Team nai0ne versus War Machines







    2013-11 – TWL-Match – Team nai0ne versus bb





  • A historic moment Thursday, 1. October 2015

    October the 1st, will probably go down as a historic moment in the history of America’s Army Proving Grounds. Not only the two-year-long beta comes to an end, also the from now on grown game will (hopefully) get a bunch of new players by the right positioning in Steam and advertisement.

    Precisely at such a moment it is important to be well positioned as a team and to have done the homework. This is exactly what has has done in the last few months with a lot of dedication. With lots of scrim’s and Matches our team is well established in the current version and also has one of the most powerful teams in the history.

    Now we hope that the positive forecasts come true, the community gradually grows and hopefully in the foreseeable future new teams are formed with whom we can measure ourselves in the German and European Leagues.

    In this sense, we wish of course all continues to enjoy the game and to ask each individual to consider how it can assist the Community.


  • Believe It or Not! America’s Army fully release the game Wednesday, 30. September 2015

    Unbelievable but true: after two years of beta status the game America’s Army Proving Grounds will get finally released. Some of us would have it probably never thought – and then Dev TheTots terminate this giant step with the following little forum post:

    That’s right everyone!
    We are finally ready to fully release the game.

    The Army Game Studio wants to extend our thanks to all of our loyal fans who have helped us test the game over the last two years.
    The dedication of our amazing beta team and the contributions from all of our players has helped us more than we can ever say.
    It’s been an exciting development cycle, and we are extremely excited for the years to come.

    Tell your friends, clan mates, and strangers on the street. Let’s make this launch one to remember!

    we are more than happy about this step and hope that hereby not only the comp scene awake to new life.