AAPG-Versus Grand Finales – Tuesday, 8:30 pm CET

Only a few hours remain until the grand finals of the AAPG-Versus Gold Division will be held. Here our guys have to compete against SSK and prove themselves. Both teams are in the recent history of AAPG-Versus undefeated, what is indicating a exciting top match.

Played will be best of 5 maps. We will start on Spring Street (SSK) then continue on Siege (n1) with the first possible (3-0 / 0-3) match decider on Shadowstep (SSK), if neither team won 3-0 we will follow up with Breach (n1) and if the winner has not been decided at this point it will finished on the last map which is selected from the map pool of the remaining Maps Watchdog, Inner Hospital, Intercept und Red Line.

Whether our Team will succeed to win the prize pool of € 150 you can followed live. The Match start is at 20:30 CET and the complete match is streamed and commented by Son on Twitch.

Team nais0ne.com

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