Team nais0ne.com is a competitive eSport organization, mainly playing America’s Army : Proving Grounds and is one of the top recognized Teams in Europe.

We live and breathe eSports everyday, as we compete in the most prestigious tournaments in Europe. In the past years, Team nais0ne.com managed to reach the first places in over 20 major championships and tournaments.

Founded by nAis^ and LeXy^in 2014 in the early days of AA:AG. Since this time we have made it our mission to support the AA:PG community as best we can and to keep the competitive scene alive.

Last Cast: ESL Winter Cup Semifinal
Portuguese Rangers versus Team nais0ne.com

Team nais0ne.com

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Team nais0ne.com

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2017 08 OverkillVR

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Wer wie ich dem Gaming seit er denken kann verfallen ist, ist mit Sicherheit auch schon einmal zu dem Punkt gekommen, dass der kick beim Spielen fehlt. Ob dies in …