Believe It or Not! America’s Army fully release the game

Unbelievable but true: after two years of beta status the game America’s Army Proving Grounds will get finally released. Some of us would have it probably never thought – and then Dev TheTots terminate this giant step with the following little forum post:

That’s right everyone!
We are finally ready to fully release the game.

The Army Game Studio wants to extend our thanks to all of our loyal fans who have helped us test the game over the last two years.
The dedication of our amazing beta team and the contributions from all of our players has helped us more than we can ever say.
It’s been an exciting development cycle, and we are extremely excited for the years to come.

Tell your friends, clan mates, and strangers on the street. Let’s make this launch one to remember!

we are more than happy about this step and hope that hereby not only the comp scene awake to new life.

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