A historic moment

October the 1st, will probably go down as a historic moment in the history of America’s Army Proving Grounds. Not only the two-year-long beta comes to an end, also the from now on grown game will (hopefully) get a bunch of new players by the right positioning in Steam and advertisement.

Precisely at such a moment it is important to be well positioned as a team and to have done the homework. This is exactly what has naisone.com has done in the last few months with a lot of dedication. With lots of scrim’s and Matches our team is well established in the current version and also has one of the most powerful teams in the history.

Now we hope that the positive forecasts come true, the community gradually grows and hopefully in the foreseeable future new teams are formed with whom we can measure ourselves in the German and European Leagues.

In this sense, we wish of course all continues to enjoy the game and to ask each individual to consider how it can assist the Community.

Team nais0ne.com

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