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    Breach Extract, BDX_Breach_EX
    Bridge Extract, BDX_Bridge_EX
    Checkout Extract, BDX_Checkout_EX
    Crossfire C4, BDX_Crossfire_C4
    Crossfire Extract, BDX_Crossfire_EX
    Furious Take and Hold, BDX_Furious_TH
    Inner Hospital Extract, BDX_InnerHospital_EX
    Inner Hospital VIP, BDX_InnerHospital_VIP
    Intercept C4, BDX_Intercept_C4
    Intercept Extract, BDX_Intercept_EX
    Lockdown Extract, BDX_Lockdown_EX
    Outer Hospital C4, BDX_OuterHospital_C4
    Raptus Extract, BDX_Raptus_EX
    Red Line C4, BDX_RedLine_C4
    Red Line Extract, BDX_RedLine_EX
    Rusneyev Extract, BDX_Rusneyev_EX
    Shadow Step Extract, BDX_ShadowStep_EX
    Siege C4, BDX_Siege_C4
    Siege Extract, BDX_Siege_EX
    Spring Street Extract, BDX_SpringStreet_EX
    Spring Street VIP, BDX_SpringStreet_VIP
    Watchdog C4, BDX_Watchdog_C4

    Bridge Extract, FLO_Bridge_EX
    Bridge Night Extract, FLO_BridgeNight_EX
    Cabin Fever Take and Hold, FLO_CabinFever_TH
    Checkout Extract, FLO_Checkout_EX
    Cold Front C4, FLO_ColdFront_C4
    Cold Front Extract, FLO_ColdFront_EX
    Downtown Extract, FLO_Downtown_EX
    Furious Take and Hold, FLO_Furious_TH
    Harbor Assault Take and Hold, FLO_HarborAssault_TH
    Harbor Assault Night Take and Hold, FLO_HarborAssaultNight_TH
    Homestead C4, FLO_Homestead_C4
    Homestead VIP, FLO_Homestead_VIP
    Hospital Extract, FLO_Hospital_EX
    Inner Hospital Extract, FLO_InnerHospital_EX
    Inner Hospital VIP, FLO_InnerHospital_VIP
    Intercept C4, FLO_Intercept_C4
    Intercept Extract, FLO_Intercept_EX
    Intercept VIP, FLO_Intercept_VIP
    Overload C4, FLO_Overload_C4
    Overload VIP, FLO_Overload_VIP
    Raptus Extract, FLO_Raptus_EX
    Red Line C4, FLO_RedLine_C4
    Red Line Extract, FLO_RedLine_EX
    Red Line VIP, FLO_RedLine_VIP
    Rocky Road Extract, FLO_RockyRoad_EX
    Rusneyev Extract, FLO_Rusneyev_EX
    Slums C4, FLO_Slums_C4
    Slums Take and Hold, FLO_Slums_TH
    Slums VIP, FLO_Slums_VIP
    Stone Ruins C4, flo_StoneRuins_C4
    Watchdog Activate, FLO_Watchdog_AC
    Watchdog C4, FLO_Watchdog_C4

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