Release Notes

  • Securing the bomb in C4 missions when dropped is disabled by default, can be enabled in server config
  • Added setting in Mission Editor to turn off lighting while editing to increase performance
  • Added setting in Mission Editor to view wireframe mode (Tools -> View Mode -> Wireframe)
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for shaders being recompiled every time a custom map loads
  • Fix for picked up weapons not having ammo if you picked them up while reloading
  • Sighted accuracy now takes effect slightly before sighted blend is complete. Sight time now respects shorter blend when resighting before unsighting is complete
  • Weapon sway no longer starts before fully sighting up
  • Fixed several crashes in the launcher
  • Entire map name must be supplied in the “votechangemap” console command
  • Can no longer walk on a small ledge in Hospital Lobby
  • Fixed an issue with Hospital Statue not blocking bullets
  • Fixed an issue where a hay patch was blocking grenade explosions on Intercept
  • Fixed an issue where players could walk along unintended ledge on Harbor Assault

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