Opt-in Test #4 Available June 12-15

The developers of America’s Army have announced the 4th (and hopefully last) Opt-in Test for this weekend. For the first time all maps can be tested, which probably would indicate that the full release is imminent.

Of course, we will test all changes thoroughly and change our server for this period.


What’s New
  • Fullscreen borderless windowed (fullscreen windowed) mode now supported, can be enabled in video settings
  • Art added for achievements so you will see them pop-up when you earn an achievement
  • Some weapon optics are locked until you earn them
  • Fixed an issue where a kill during the last second of a round would not count and time expired instead
  • VOIP labels now visible when on the loadout screen
  • Grenades equip animation tweaked to be quicker and responsive
  • M1911 rate of fire increased; reload 0.2 seconds slower
  • Downed characters and weapons now have a slight flash effect applied to them once they are interactive (i.e. the player is close and looking at them); the hope is this will help in those situations where several characters and/or weapons are in close proximity and it is not clear which one will be interacted with the use key
  • Updated scoreboard – still in-progress



Audio changes
  • Occlusion/Obstruction changes to Downtown, Slums & Harbor Assault
  • Adjusted ambient sounds in Hospital, Redline & Slums
  • New UI Sounds and adjustments to existing UI audio
  • Adjustments to Tactical vs. Nontactical footsteps
  • Adjustments to dialog, weapon, footstep, and grenade attenuation settings
  • Set up new attenuation tails for weapons
  • Changes to wood and metal footsteps to more closely reflect a previous build where feedback on these was more positive
  • Changes to enemy bandage and revive sound
  • Fixed some bugs with certain Wood and Metal physmats
  • Adjusted mix on pistols
  • Audio adjusted to match reload animations


Maps included with this Opt-In test
  • ALL MAPS will be included
  • On FLO_Watchdog_AC, Attack only needs to take 2 of the 3 objectives to Win.  Xray moved up next to clock tower.
  • There is no limit to the number of people that can download the opt-in beta, but we will have a limited number of official servers running.  There were several user-hosted servers during the last opt-in running custom settings, so there shouldn’t be a problem finding a server to play on.
  • The test begins Friday 12 June 2015 at 0900 CDT and ends Monday 15 June 2015 at 0900 CDT


Additional issues fixed
  • M249 ammo bag now always visible to spectators
  • Yankee extract objective on Coldfront once again works
  • Weapon equip speed upon completion or abort of bandage/revive/other special action now plays at the intended speed
  • Various text chat bugs fixed; using text during round switch should no longer result in loss of input
  • Fixed an issue where VOIP labels could get stuck on screen
  • Take & Hold HUD progress bar now properly hidden once objective is taken
  • Fixed several rare client and server crashes
  • Interrupting a secure will now properly halt the audio and animation
  • Restore to defaults should now work for all settings
  • Anchored players should no longer become stuck in the ducked state
  • Fix for inability to switch to the spectate team if you were the only player on a team
  • Removed various unneeded logging
  • First pass at “look-at-my-weapon” animations implemented; press “L’ to try it out – this command may be rebound
  • Soldier names with non-allowed characters now have those characters stripped out when displayed within the game
  • Fix for demorec crashing on some maps
  • Flag will no longer fall beneath the world on Redline
  • Fix for ending up with no weapon when switching items on the Loadout screen
  • Various Admin messages moved to the new UI/HUD style
  • Players may once again anchor in the bakery window
  • Fixed an issue where players could vault with a grenade out and get into a state where they could run with a grenade…but not scissors
  • Various older UI/HUD elements converted over to the new style
  • Downtown minimap updated to reflect new route
  • Crosshair menu now has visible scrollbars


Source: news.americasarmy.com

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