Opt-in Test #3 Available May 21 through May 26

Tomorrow starts the third part of the AA:PG opt-in test. Of course the Team nais0ne.com will participate and provide all available server.
Below the official news from americasarmy.com:


We will be hosting another opt-in test over Memorial Day weekend.  We are going to leave it up for an extra day this time for anyone that is off work on Monday.  More info below on how to join in and let us know what you think on the forums at http://forum.americasarmy.com.  We are looking for your feedback on two maps that are in the early stages of development, Outpost and Data Center.  We have only played them a few times internally, so they won’t be as polished as you would expect from a finished level, but we want to get your input on the design before they get handed off to the art team.

We will be running a few “Classic Mode” servers, so check them out and let us know what, if any, other settings you would like to see changed for this mode.  It will be replacing the current “Hardcore” mode and the only difference in Classic Mode is no revives and full friendly damage.

Maps included with this Opt-In test
  • Downtown – Check out the new addition

– Bakery window adjusted (again)

  • Watchdog AC – New spawn point should favor attack a bit more
  • Overload – Another look at this map after a short break from it
  • Two new, very new, very raw white box maps

– Outpost – New white box, smaller and fast paced
– Data Center – New white box, larger and slower

The third Opt-In beta begins Thursday 21 MAY 2015 at 0900 CST and ends Tuesday 26 MAY 2015 at 0900 CST


Additional issues fixed
  • Players may no longer shoot through crates and other objects that should block bullets
  • Car no longer clips into wall on Downtown
  • Fixed a collision issue for steps on Downtown
  • HUD elements hidden when loadout screen comes up
  • When joining a game in progress players are put into 1P perspective right away
  • Mission type filter on server browser now works as expected
  • Crosshair menu dropdowns now have a scroll bar
  • Gamepad settings screen removed for now
  • Objective icon appears correctly on the enhanced spectator screen
  • In-game settings screen now uses a transparent background
  • Scroll bar appearance improved on the Settings screen
  • Loadout screen elements no longer overlap with text chat window
  • Role names now fits within the buttons


Source: news.americasarmy.com

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