Game Profiler comparison (Steam vs Dev. build)

news a run through downtown

Regular readers of the of the America’s Army forum probably not escaped the following post from [Dev] DeltaKilo. For all others there get the information , of course, handpicked by us.

[Dev]DeltaKilo wrote:
We have done a lot of work to optimize both the levels and the game code. Here is a profile comparison of a run through the middle of downtown, up the ladder, down the stairs and extracting the flag. You can see the large spikes that have been significantly reduced in the internal profile. I ran the same route on the current steam build and our latest internal build. Note the difference in scale on the Y axis.

news a run through downtown

What does this mean for us – will be all players be able to play without lag’s and without adjustments their ini files? In the very near future probably not. However, this shows that the problem is known to the developers and that they are working on it.

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