Game Update (Nov 18, 2013) Release Notes

This update is a patch to fix some issues with the last update. It will be available on steam around mid-day on Monday Nov 18th.

  • Added some dynamic range to weapon sounds
  • Increased footstep audio distance
  • Sprint has less “jingle” in it
  • Takedown sound is lower to make it more stealthy
  • Can set audio playback device manually for the game
  • Fix for seemingly random objective activate/destroy warning sounds
  • Veteran icons display now
  • Team Select can now be closed with F2
  • Esc menu will remain up after the end of the round.
  • Achievements appear on top of the scoreboard/AAR
  • Team mute buttons change all of the individual mute buttons appropriately
  • If the target player leaves during vote to kick, the vote will cancel appropriately
  • Spotted enemy who is broadcasting on VOIP no longer remains – spotted Bleedout setting on Server Info has been corrected to actually show the Bleedout setting
  • Gun should now shoot if you’re holding down the fire button after jump/climb/etc.
  • Character limit on the admin message has been increased to 64 characters
  • Health and Ammo Fading works properly after revive now
  • Fix for inaccurate activate/destroy/disarm reticule progress indicator
  • XP needed for next level is displayed properly on AAR after level 20
  • Crosshair drop when sprinting fixed
  • Grenade throwing is faster and more fluid
  • NVG effect modified (film grain lessened, size of view increased, blur distance increased)
  • Fixed a crash when loading a new level after changing audio device (plugging in headphones)

Source: forum.americas

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