America’s Army Update (inklusive 3D-Sound!)

America’s Army hat ihr erstes Update nach dem full-Release veröffentlicht. Neben einer neuen Map gibt es nun endlich auch eine Unterstützung für 3d-Sound! Unten die offizielle Update-News:

The latest update to America’s Army: Proving Grounds includes our first new map since the game released, Checkout.  We also improved the audio by adding a 3D effect that takes into account the Z-axis when playing sounds.  The ROE system has been improved to help limit griefers and we have fixed a few bugs with stats not getting reported, weapon challenge issues and other things.  Check out the details below for more info.

New Map – Checkout
– An all new map set in the ruins of an abandoned Czervanian mall. An enemy chopper went down with sensitive information that must be recovered. You and your team will recover it.
– The map may be played either as a FLO with the full 12 v 12 or as a BDX with 6 v 6.
– The assets are all available for user maps to use.

3D Audio
– Audio now takes into effect the Z-axis when playing sounds. Footsteps, dialog and other sounds will be heard above and below you and you will be able to detect the direction sounds are coming from better.
The 3D effect is subtle, but quite effective. The overall mix feels clean and discrete and has more dynamic range, yet is still very gritty when the action heats up. You will notice some loudness and attenuation (listening range) adjustments to player driven sound groups. The purpose is to develop more distinct “patterns” for a players tactical awareness of distance and direction of movement around them.

Revised ROE System
– ROE (rules of engagement) have changed. When a player damages teammates they will accumulate ROE points.  If the player should accumulate too may ROE points over the course of a match they will receive an ROE violation. On the first ROE violation the player will be removed from the round (effectively killed).
– This is the offending player’s one and only warning.
– If that player receives a second ROE violation in the same match they will be kicked and temporarily banned from the server.
– Additionally, if a player should receive an ROE violation in the opening moments of a round they are charged double and immediately kicked and banned. Mass grenade team kills are handled similarly; they will result in an immediate kick and ban.

There are two new settings server owners have access to regarding ROE:
– FriendlyFireLimit – This sets the amount of damage a player may do to teammates before an ROE violation occurs. The default number is 200. This will typically allow four shots with an M4 with a violation occurring on the fifth.
– ROEKickBanTime – The time in seconds a player is banned for ROE violations. The default is 900 (fifteen minutes).

Numerous Bug Fixes
– Hot keys added for Bug Report and Report Player; these are F5 and F6 – opens the Steam web interface
– Fix for VOIP not working for some players with multiple sound devices
– Fixed an issue where the M24’s state could become out of sync with the server, resulting in the player firing blanks (if killed immediately after firing, before cycling bolt)
– Earned weapon skins should now appear immediately without the player having to cycle optics, grenades, etc.
– Repeating Elite weapon challenges are now displayed and tracked properly
– Fixed a case where a server would not report stats for a player for an entire match
– When a player leaves a game mid-round, stats are properly processed and recorded for that round too
– Map vote now handles UMM names better (removes $123456789)
– Fix for not being able to secure/revive when several downed players were piled on top of one another
– Fix for player being unable to move for a moment after attempting to revive a player who leaves the game
– The entire secure animation is no longer played if the secure key is released
– Shoot house achievements are now awarded and reported correctly to the database and the webpage
– Fixed an occasional crash at the end of a shoot house
– Team kills no longer register for achievements, weapon challenges or stats
– Fixed an issue where glass would sometimes not break as expected when shot
– ROE is no longer enforced in warm-up mode
– The server setting bKickLiveIdlers now works correctly


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