America’s Army published NVGs Training

Night Vision Goggles (NVGs)!
It’s time we begin training at night. To aid your sight in the dark you will be issued Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) with RFI-1 on 31 OCT.

They will amplify ambient light, but will limit peripheral vision and depth perception, so use only when needed.

Link to the official news

Equipable Grenades in RFI-1!
RFI-1 coming out Oct 31 will give you additional options to allow precise control when throwing grenades. Equip them by pressing a key or scrolling the mouse wheel. Left click pulls the pin, right click releases the spoon. Release the left mouse button to throw the grenade. Once you pull the pin there is no going back, so make sure you have a safe place away from teammates for your nade to land! If you like grenades the way they are now, don’t worry, quick throw isn’t going away!

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