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i really whant to play in the verry near future in the esl-ladder. currently there are 16 teams playing and it seems that the rankings changed a lot over the last weeks. at the moment i see the best chance to hop in.

please take a close look at your profile, if you already joined the tem and if all necessarry informations in the profile are filled out.

members who have already joined the team (all inactive players have been removed of the list):
nAis, Dreek, Lexy, Pain, RayMD, SimonSaiz, Soldier, Tchami, Toifel, xeqte

member, which are currently not in the esl-team:
Taurenmarine, blubbfisch, metzelnMatze, Nameless^, Loosi
even if you not plan to play it would be great to join the team – just in case. btw.: i know Nameless^ is indefinitely off cause of private problems. Loosi, could you kindly update of your status? didn’t heard anything the last weeks.

if there is anybody of the players listed above who whant NOT to play ESL in the near future pls let us know.