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Here is the contents of my demo.txt file that I put in my binaries folder for testing and exec from the command line:

Note – the values in the file can be edited as per preference. You can rename your demo files to be more user friendly for typing the names later! Paste the following into your own file:

— demo.txt contents —

;THIS file must be in the binaries folder
;exec from command line
; demoplay
; file must be in \AAGameDemos folder

setbind “u” “demorewind 10” ;rewinds 10 seconds
setbind “i” “slomo .1” ;sets playspeed to 1/10th normal
setbind “o” “slomo 4” ;sets playspeed to 4x
setbind “p” “slomo 1” ;sets playspeed back to normal